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Roshantir International Transport company register in NO.10734 on 7 sep 1994 and now equip with Iranian TIR truck and cover Iranian and foreign truck for carrying land cargo with TIR truck through all countries including European Countries-Turkey-Middle Asia to IRAN and vice versa, including Export & Import cargo. Here is a brief activity of our company as below:

1-carrying the land cargo with over 80 truck with normal truck from Europe and Escandinavia Countries to IRAN and Middle Asia and vice versa (EXW).
2- Marine transport from Bandar-E- Abbas to countries around Persian Gulf and vice versa.
3- Cargo Transit from Bandar-e-Abbas and all the internal borders to middle Asia countries and etc.
4- Internal carrying and transit from Bandar-E-Abbas and all the internal borders to all around the Iran and all neighbor countries.
5- Clearance from all custom of IRAN.
6-Having exclusive agency in TURKEY-BULGARIA-China-Russia
7-Carrying the cargoes through land from all European Countries with transship way through Bulgaria to Iran and Middle East countries like Turkmenistan and ETC.

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